The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

In My Garden

Year after year, I've slowly developed our vegetable garden.  We started with a dirt pile and two tomato plants, and we are now managing an enclosure with five raised beds.  (I think that is pretty amazing.)  It's not too big--just big enough that I feel I can manage it.  As I blog about what we do in our garden, I gather those posts here for you to look through.  And for me, too--it helps to go back and look at what we've done in the past so we can better plan our future gardens.

I don't know how organized these posts will be, but you should know me by now!  Eventually, you'll be marveling at the way I've put this together for you.  ;)

Vegetable and Herb Gardening

Year - 2015

April - A glance at my gardens in April.
May - Assessing my gardens.

Year - 2014

April - What we did on the first spring day in our food gardens.
April - A little tour of our April veggie gardens.
May - A middle-of-the-month post about my gardens before planting began.
May - The day before planting my veggie gardens.
May - Time for planting in my raised vegetable beds!
May - Planting herbs (and a flower) in my front yard flower/herb garden.
May - A post where I give you a close-up tour of my veggie garden!
June - Sharing what we do on a typical June day in my garden.
June - A late June tour of my veggie garden.
June - Repairing damage after a summer storm.
July - Early July brings the first tomatoes of the season.
July - Early July brings a small harvest of veggies.
July - Adjusting things to help my squash plants grow better.
July - Time to harvest the garlic.
July - Quick mid-July garden update.
July - Macro tour of the garden.
July - Harvesting onions from my garden.
July - Dealing with basil downy mildew; my poor basil plants!
July - Dealing with tomato plants that keep falling over.
July - Harvest time.
August - A massive tomato harvest!
August - Monthly update.
September - Winding down in the garden.
October - Time to pack things up in the garden.
November - A little late, but time to winterize the garden.

Year - 2013

May - Cleaning up and general preparation of the garden area for planting.
May - Mid-month garden update, Part Two.
May - Time to plant, plus tips and advice for new plants.
June - Installing mulched walkways between and around my raised beds.
June - Harvesting and enjoying luscious strawberries from my garden.
June - Planting and growing butternut squash, step by step.
June - Overview of my veggie garden in late June.
July - Planting a new basil plant from a clipping.
July - An early July garden update.
July - A mid-July update on my squash.
July - A late July garden update.
August - Hunting for tomatoes in the garden.
August - Harvesting the first butternut squash.
October - Late October harvest and clean-up.
October - Finally preparing the garden for winter.

Year - 2012

April - Adding dirt to the garden beds.
April - Keeping weeds under control in between the raised beds.
May - Compost for spring preparation.
May - Planting onion sets in with the flowers.
May - What was happening in the spring garden.
May - Late May garden.
June - What the June garden looked like.
Juny - Garlic harvest.
August - Report on the happenings of our August garden.
August - Work day of harvesting in the August garden.
August - Peeling all that garlic we just harvested!
August - Quick post about canning.
August - Harvesting at the end of August.
September - The goings-on of late September.
October - Typical post-harvest chores to be completed.
October - Transplanting herbs and veggies at the end of the season.

Year - 2011

April - Dirt delivery and building a new raised bed for the garden.
April - Springtime preparations of the beds.
July - Summertime maintenance of the gardens.
August - Canning tomatoes and jalapenos.
September - Drying sage.
November - Hanging and drying cayenne peppers.
November - Finishing up in the autumn garden.

Flower Gardening

July 2014 - Quick flower and herb garden tour.
June 2014 - Using landscape fabric for weed control in a flower garden.
April 2014 - First spring day in my flower garden.
June 2011 - Transplanting flowers from one bed to another.