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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Micro-Farming in My Back Yard


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 Wednesday's high temperature

I trudged out to the back yard yesterday morning with the knowledge that it may hit 100 degrees again.  I was thankful, at least, that it was early morning, and the slight breeze made the "cooler" morning temperatures bearable.

First job--tie up any falling tomato plants.  I want them to survive and bear fruit!  We've had a couple of short, intense storms, and a few plants had been bent over.

Second job--the first of the pole beans and tomatoes!  I picked a cherry tomato, and my very first plum tomato.  My plum tomatoes have been suffering with yellowing leaves and black spots, and a few tomatoes with blossom end rot.  I used some natural remedies and the plants seem to have recovered a bit.  I picked just one tomato, but it "officially" begins my tomato harvest.  It is a promise of many more in the coming weeks.

Third job--cayenne peppers.  These have been coming in for a few weeks, and I already have a bunch strung up and drying along my dining room window.  Once they're dry, I'll crush them for a spicy pizza topping, or to spice up our cuisine.

Tomatoes, pole beans, cayenne, and some beans I picked for Lori :)

Fourth job--jalapeƱos!  I picked all I could, even the smaller ones.  Hopefully I'll be able to pick more throughout next week, then can 6-8 jars for my first canning session of this harvest season.

Fifth job--water the garden.  I watered earlier this week, but since it has been bone dry around here this month (and longer), I wanted to make sure the garden gets nice and soaked.

Whew!  I was getting hot and sweaty.  Time to go into the air-conditioned house and cool off a bit before showering and getting into the rest of my day.

The Rest of the Story...

Less than two hours later, here's what happened:

The Lord watered my garden!!

Ah, well.  And another update--we had storms ALL NIGHT last night!  Some areas received SIX to SEVEN inches!!  (The use of exclamation points is justified!!!)  I'm now humming Showers of Blessing...

Back to life,

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