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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mid-May Garden Tour

May 15.

Exactly mid-May, and it was still cold in Chicagoland.  I would be waiting a few more days to plant.  I walked my mulched garden walkways and saw that some weeds had popped up, growing in the decaying mulch with the help of spring rains.  I thanked the Lord He had given me the opportunity to make those walkways!  There were just a few weeds here and there, and because I had laid down landscape fabric, the weeds' roots were very shallow.  Gentle pulling brought up the entire weed, and within five minutes my pathway weeding was done.  You can see the pile(s) of weeds in the photo below.

Now on to the tour!  A check of my strawberry plants revealed tons and tons of blossoms!  Future strawberries!  Last year we picked a small bowl (maybe a quart).  This year promised to be a bumper year!

My two rhubarb plants were doing fantastic, too.  I knew I'd be able to harvest some of that for making preserves!

Above, in front of the rhubarb, you can see purple onions popping up!  These sprung up from last year--I thought I had pulled all those onions, but apparently there were some still in the ground.  These would have to be transplanted to make room for what would eventually be planted here:  squash!

In the corner of my garlic bed, the chives had already budded and were getting ready to blossom.

Here and there, I spotted fungi.  This was on the side of one of the raised beds.

Finally, here's my garden overview.  Our pool may not be functional for much this year, but the pool deck is my vantage point of choice for photographing my garden overviews!

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