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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alpha Omega - State Math Tournament

May 3.

Thomas participated in Alpha Omega Math Club again this past year, and he and the team made the state finals, which were held at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  After a super-early morning getting on the road to get to the campus by 9:00 a.m., Thomas met up with his teammates and the various competitions began.

Thomas and Jacob hanging out waiting for Thomas' teammates to gather.

The hall where the opening ceremony was held.

The area in the Student Union where family and teammates could meet up throughout the day.

Since he had the day off, Jacob came with us and met up with his buddy Nathan for lunch on campus.

Thomas had lunch with us in the Student Union.

Give Fernando a croissant, and this is what he does...

Jacob thinking about what to do for the afternoon.

During the afternoon competitions, Fernando and I wandered around campus and found this sculpture park, Darwin's Playground.

Finally, the awards ceremony began.

Thomas went forward to receive his award--Division 1A, Individual Test Score--Ninth Place!

Thomas and Adair went forward to receive another award--Pre-Calculus Team, Ninth Place!

The entire team went forward to receive their team award--Fifth Place in state, Division 1A, Team Score!

After the ceremony, the team and family members went outside for more pictures.

Celebrating with Mrs. M, Team Leader.

Thomas got to hold the Team 5th Place trophy.

Mrs. M and Thomas

After the ceremony, everyone found their cars and met up at an Italian fast food restaurant for dinner.  It was an exhausting day, to be sure, but a very fun one, too!  Plus it was fulfilling to see the rewards for all the hard work the team members put forth to win all the awards they did.

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