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Friday, July 11, 2014

Glimpses of a May Wedding

A Thursday evening with just a hint of warm, beautiful venue, bubbling fountain, and lots of friends and family.  The perfect combination for enjoying a young couple's wedding!

Fountain at Danada House, Wheaton, Illinois.

The sun was in our eyes, which made seeing a bit difficult,
but at least it wasn't for the bride and groom!

Selfie--not far enough away to be in good focus, but good nonetheless!

Two of our closest friends.

Table Eleven--The Fun Table.  ;)

Entrance of the bride and groom.

Father/daughter dance.

Bride and groom first dance.

I set my camera down at one point, because Fernando actually convinced me to dance with him.  I commented, half in jest, to my friend Debbie next to me, "You better not take our picture!"  While Fernando and I were dancing, another friend, Cheryl, said to Debbie, "Well, she didn't tell me not to take a picture!"  So she did.  And she caught us kissin', too!!

So when Cheryl and her husband danced together, I got back at her.  Aren't they cute?  :D

Just had to capture this one of brother and sister on the dance floor!

When I turned away from the dance floor and looked out of the window, I noticed all the lights reflected in the glass.  So here's my one cool shot of the evening!

Congratulations, Stephen and Amanda!  All the Lord's blessings to you as you begin your life together!!

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