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Monday, June 25, 2012

June Garden Update

Well, the vegetable garden is really coming along!  Below are my bean plants:

June 1

June 20

And my lettuces in early June.  These were promptly picked:

Insects love gardens, and we found this little guy (below) on the railing of our pool.  He's a baby, less than one inch long.  Cool, huh?

Back to the garden, where tomato plants are gloriously abloom:

The carrots have made their appearance and survived their first thinning.  I tried re-seeding the bare areas of the carrot bed, but those seeds didn't germinate, either.  I'm going to be researching soil adjustment to see what can be done.

The garlic scapes have also emerged, and have started to flower since the below images were taken.

Here's another insect who likes to flit around the garden.  I see him all the time, and he doesn't stay still for long.

The cilantro has started to bloom.  The blooming part turns into coriander (seed), so I usually pick off the blooms.  Hopefully I'll get some cilantro leaf out of this plant.

Can anyone say yum?  I planted my pea seeds late, but they came in nicely anyway.  I'll have a nice harvest over the next few days, and then we'll see if the plants can survive the 100+ degree heat that is predicted for later this week.

Below is Lori's garden bed, in the foreground:

June 20

She already has this awesome green pepper on one of her plants!

Aaaand, here is the "aerial" view of the entire garden area, as of June 20:

And that completes the June Garden Tour.  How is your garden growing?

Back to life,

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