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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thomas and Alpha Omega

Thomas joined Alpha Omega, a homeschool math team, back in mid-January, just a few weeks before their first regional tournament.  We didn't expect him to simply take off and win all sorts of awards, but we hoped he would get used to what it was like being on the team, and get used to the routine, and ebb and flow, of the group so that come autumn and the new school year, he would be poised to do very well.

On May 8, after the state tournament, Alpha Omega gathered to celebrate the awards won at that level.  Thomas didn't go to state, but he and I were able to watch the live streaming video of the awards ceremony, and we cheered as Alpha Omega took home several awards.

Below, Thomas received a participation award from the regional tournament.  We're proud of him, and his desire to excel in math, and we know he'll do great next year.

Way to go, Thomas!

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