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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

August in My Vegetable Garden

August 18.

Whew.  I had just gotten a hold on canning all those tomatoes awaiting me after my trip to Lake Bonaparte.  Now it was time to bring my camera along on another harvest day, just a few days after the last one, it seemed.

The new basil plants I had purchased seemed to be doing okay, although they did show signs of the basil downy mildew that plagued my last batch of plants.

My squash plants were a little yellow still, but green at the ends, and the fruit was growing nicely.

There were little sweet red Fiesta peppers growing all over my two little plants!

And the Giant Marconi sweet green peppers were prolific!  I had never harvested so many in the three years I have been growing them.  I really love this pepper variety!

My three parsley plants were growing like bushes, and I harvested some to chop up and freeze.  Looks like I would have to do it again soon!

Some of my heirloom tomato plants were at least seven feet tall!  Standing there, I could barely see the roof of my house beyond the plants.

 Big Boy tomatoes.

Garden overview.

And, here's what I harvested this day:

And a quick follow-up, a few days later.  My peppers looked like this:

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