The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When a Pile of Dirt is a Good Thing

We bought some dirt.  Lots of dirt.  Too bad we don't just have it lying around.  Anyway, we bought a pile of dirt.  It's for a good cause!

We got it covered with tarp just before the rain hit.  This was the day last week with 30+ mph winds.  We used about 20 bricks on top of and around the edges of two pieces of tarp in order to weigh it down enough that the wind wouldn't pick up the tarp and blow it away.  And the wind sure tried!!

A few days later, friends came over.  These are special friends.  Not only are they close friends, but they are gardening friends.  (The very best kind!)

These two families are also filled with boys.  The three moms are the only girls among all that testosterone--four boys in our family, two in Lori's, and two in the A family.  This year, both of these families are "renting" garden space for the summer.  Meaning, they get to garden in our back yard all summer long!  Lori's family "bought" one new raised-bed vegetable garden, and Tressey (in your mind, say "Tree-Cee") and her family are using a square from one of the existing boxes.  It will be so fun to find these ladies showing up in my back yard all summer!  How fun is that!  Can you tell I'm super-excited??

Here are the guys, building boxes, digging out sod, and getting everything ready.

Oh, wait a minute.  They don't look like they're working very hard.  Not in the above photo, anyway.  Well, when one of them hollers, "Look at the size of this worm!!" then they all have to gather around to admire the thing.  Which is what they're doing above.  :)

Below is where they are really working.

Digging out the sod

Mr. A breaks up the sod

Isaiah uses the cordless screwdriver on the new garden boxes

He was thrilled to be able to use power tools!

Immanuel learns the importance of measuring twice

Bryan breaks up the dirt

Getting one box set in place

Loading up the dirt

Filling up the boxes

Our resident ducks showed up halfway through the work.  They chose "balcony seating" and enjoyed the yard show.  Or at least I think they enjoyed it.

After hard work, the guys are h-u-n-g-r-y.  So we fed them.  Lori sent dessert with Bryan.  And Bryan indulged me by helping stage a photo of his raspberry tart!  (I knew he was a great young man!)

Yummy dessert

In our family devotions Thursday evening, we listened to the Bible on tape, from Exodus 35-7 and how God enabled the skilled workmen to perform all the work needed to build the tabernacle.  I love this little snippet of Scripture, which I happily take out of context for the very hard work that all the guys performed this past weekend:

[The LORD] has filled them with skill to perform every work...
Exodus 35:35a NASB

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