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Thursday, May 31, 2012

For Mother's Day

My guys gave me another absolutely wonderful, incredible gift for Mother's Day:  the gift of doing.  They've been doing work in my garden throughout the spring, and given the problems I've been having with my neck and back, I have appreciated every minute of their time and hard work.  On Mother's Day, they gave me the entire afternoon of work.  How wonderful a gift!!

Fernando began my special afternoon by mowing the front yard

The plan was to get all the compost that Fernando and I bought into the garden beds, then to plant my plants which had been patiently waiting.  I had already made out a plan for each bed, except the one which Lori will use this summer.

The guys rolled up a portion of the chicken-wire fence enclosing the raised bed gardens, and started mixing in the compost.

Thomas worked some lime into the soil where the tomatoes were to be planted.  This will hopefully prevent blossom-end rot on my tomatoes.

Joseph separated out all the tomato plants by variety--plum, eating, and cherry.

Once everything was planted, Jacob kindly watered it all.

In the below bed, I planted green beans (in the foreground).

Carrot seeds were planted in the below bed (empty space on the right).

Since I didn't have any stakes this year, I half-buried old pie tins around the pepper plants.  The shiny silver of the tins wards off the birds who mercilessly saw off pieces of the little plants.  In the past, I've hung the pie tins on stakes so that the tins bang against the stakes.  The noise plus the shiny tin have worked great to keep the birds away.  We'll see what happens this year.

See my beautiful lettuce that came in quite surprisingly this spring?  I love just standing there and looking at the huge heads and awesome leaves!

My pea plants have sprung up around my web of string on which they will climb.  In the foreground, I planted jalapenos and onions around my new strawberry plants.  Hopefully they will be able to co-exist!

Three of the beds, all in a row

Here are the five beds.  I'm gardening in four of them, and Lori has that empty one on the right.  Her plants will be in shortly.  A growing, green vegetable garden is a beautiful sight!

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