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Monday, May 28, 2012

Growing Things

May 3-4.  In between attending Danny's Phi Theta Kappa induction ceremony, I managed to get over to The Growing Place (with Danny!) to hunt for a few garden things I didn't have yet.  My mom told me about this nursery, and since my beloved Sid's closed last year, I have nothing close to home.  I had passed this nursery many times on the way to photography classes in the past, but I never knew what was behind that little driveway.  I wasn't expecting this!

I hung my camera around my neck, and no one said a thing.  I sneaked in a couple of shots of various locations within the nursery to give you a feel for its size and the variety of things they were selling.  But, these shots don't do it any justice at all.  The place is huge!

I purchased just a few things:  onion starts--even though it's later than I wanted to plant them, rosemary, cilantro, and a four-pack of marigolds to plant near my green beans as a pest deterrent.

I've never purchased onion starts before, but they came with directions for planting, caring, and harvesting, so we'll see how it goes.  There's a variety of red and yellow onions, and I think there were at least 50 or so onions in this little pack!



Since Lori grew some awesome green bean plants last year, and my pole bean plants died before even a single harvest, I decided to purchase the same beans Lori had used last year.  Every year I keep saying that I'm not going to plant beans, and every year I plant beans.  Hopefully these will be good to me this year.  The boys aren't really big on beans, but I am, and Fernando likes them, so here we go again!

I read that marigolds deter those pesky Japanese beetles that love green bean plants, so I'm planting these hardy golden beauties in the corners of my green bean square.  We'll see if the advice pans out.

As of this post's date, I've planted everything.  You'll get an update soon, I hope!

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