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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Summer Hairstyle

I'm back!  It was time for a vacation, both a literal one, and one from blogging.  Even though I have more time during the summer, it seemed that this summer has been filled with activities, and planning for upcoming activities.   So a break was in order, while we took our vacation and got some needed things done.  But now I'm back, and ready to blog about "like totally a gazillion images" that I've taken.  :)

Here are a few images of a hairstyle I found on Pinterest.  Actually, what I did (and still do) is find the image of the hairstyle, click on over to the website with the instructions, try to do what it says, and if it turns out decent, get Danny to take a picture or two.  The style hardly ever looks like the picture they've posted, but my hair is what it is, and if I can get it to look semi-decent, then I'm going to blog about it!

Here it is:

(I'm smiling right now because I know you can see those few strands of gray.  Wait until you scroll down just a bit and see the other side of my head!)

How I did it

First, I gathered my hair up into a ponytail and secured it as usual with a thick coated rubber band.  But, instead of pulling my hair completely through that last time, I let a little loop stick out.  I took the rest of the dangling hair and circled it around the rubber band, and secured it with several bobby pins.  Oh, and half a can of hairspray.  Of course I exaggerate.  Just a little.

Oh, yeah, you can see that tuft of gray on the left side.  Does that scare me?  Nooo.  Here's an even better picture:

A real hairstyle.  For a real woman.  Gray and all.

Back to life,

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