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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project Basement -- The Computer Area (Part II)


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I've been back in the basement again.  This is a good thing.  It's really cool down there, which is nice because we've raised our a/c thermostat to 80 degrees.  The 73 or 74 degrees in the basement makes it a nice place to comfortably work up a sweat.

Below shows the next space I've been working on.

This space sits below our front living room.  The stairs are to the right, and to the right of the stairs is the food storage room I showed you last week.  This particular space isn't really that bad.  The guys had cleared some stuff out to make room for a metal two-shelf unit (which you can't see in front of the empty blue storage bins).  Those empty bins had contained clothing we just donated to Goodwill.  We keep a little freezer down here for extra freezer storage.  See the chalkboard leaning on the left-hand wall?  It is a monster--another "rescue" from Fernando's work.  Heavy is not an accurate word to describe its heft.

There is not much difference in the below image, except some things moved around, and another two-shelf unit we placed to the right of the freezer.

The guys' good buddy Bryan was over this day, and when he went home to take care of his dog, I got my guys to lug the chalkboard out of the basement, up the stairs, out the front door, and into the garage.  Pictures were taken, and it awaits a buyer.  No, we won't ship it--you can see below that it took four strong young men working together to get it into the garage!

I put our winter coats and jackets into some of the empty storage bins, and picked up other items and got them "grouped" into like things.  Here is another image during the pick-up process:

And below is my "after" shot, still with some things to pick up and sort through and put away.

Danny moved the computer toward the front left corner of our computer area

Oh, yeah, then Bryan came back to play.  So the guys did this for the rest of the afternoon:

And I did this:

Homemade flour tortillas (recipe to come soon...)

After our yummy taco dinner, the guys cleaned up then played.  And I labeled boxes!  Yes, it's one of my favorite things to do; just ask my guys.  I was fairly dancing as I cut out my pretty labels and taped them to my newly organized boxes.

Christmas boxes stacked on the left; winter coats/jackets/afghans stacked on the right

The red box with stuff hanging out of it is Fernando's hunting box.  I daren't touch his stuff, so at least it's contained in one box against the wall.

The "finished" area

"Finished" meaning I'm done with it for a while.  Danny set up the end table with the chess set on it.  There are still a few things left to be done--as I look at the photo I see three-ring binders on the bookcase, and an empty metal shelf to be filled with something else needing organizing.  But that will come another day.

See the computer desk and chair toward the back left?  Danny mentioned that it was too bad we didn't have one, and I offhandedly remarked, "Check Craigslist or Naperville Yard Sales..."  Five minutes later he found a listing for this desk, and the seller was located within ten minutes of our home.  We picked it up a few days later; it is simple and solid, and cost 15 DOLLARS.  And the wheeled office chair was given to us by one of Fernando's co-workers.  Woo-hoo for little money spent!

Yay for labels and desks and chairs!  Yay for de-cluttering and organizing!  Yay for SIMPLE!!

Back to life,

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