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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Hooked!


I'm participating in Lori's Tuesday Project Party.
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~~ This post contains tasteful "married people kissing" images.  Just so you know. ~~

I'm out of the basement this week.  It was a nice and cool working environment down there, though, and now I have some very nice, mostly clean spaces.  Typically, however, I spend most of my days somewhere on the first floor, mostly in the kitchen.  My kitchen work involves a trip or two ten feet down the hallway into my pantry/laundry/mud room.  I don't really know what to call this room, which is the first space we enter when we come inside from the garage.  We take off hats and coats there, hang wet towels from swimming (though there are not enough hooks), and do the laundry.  There's this closet along one wall that we "turned" into a pantry for lack of space in the kitchen:  Fernando put two inexpensive metal shelving units inside what we think was meant as a coat closet, and it became my pantry from our first week here until now, 13 years later.  Those metal shelves are still there, as are the original stick-on vinyl tile squares and the now-rusting door to the back yard.

Several years ago, I had bought some pretty black metal hooks on which we could hang winter coats, or summer swim items.  The hooks eventually made their way to a cabinet, until I fished them out recently and remarked to Fernando that it would be nice to get them put up.  He agreed, and set a date for completing the project with me.  But, more important things crowded into our "date," and the project was pushed aside.  Don't worry, this time it was for just a few weeks.

Determined to bless his honey with this act of service (which causes me to melt in a puddle), Fernando got out his cordless drill--thoughtfully charged by Thomas the day before--some screws and wall anchors, a level, a stud finder, and a pencil.  He removed two old rows of hooks on two different walls, and we worked together to mark spots for my new hooks, and to make sure they were level and evenly spaced.  Then Fernando worked and I assisted when he needed me to re-measure or something.  Mostly, though, I took pictures.

Screwing in the first hook!

Making sure it's level

Adding the second row of hooks

Removing the second of the old hooks

WARNING--sorry if you're offended by kissing pictures.  Fernando needed a thank-you kiss midway through in order to be able to finish the project.  It worked, too--read on...

Okay, now back to work:

I was so excited to have "too many" hooks rather than "not enough," and even though everything is messy from the work, I happily organized the guys' swim trunks and towels on too many hooks!

There were a few hooks left over, so Fernando put them in special, just for me.

Two hooks for two hats!

The below shows the second set of new hooks, next to the door that leads to the back yard.  To give you an idea of the (lack of) space, my back is against the wall opposite the garage.

And all that work earned my honey another kiss in the PLuM (Pantry/Laundry/Mud) room.

Back to life,

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