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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Danny -- The Ceremony Photos!

At long last, we drove on over to my "baby" brother's townhome last week to visit for a bit before he heads to the Adirondacks for his summer vacation.  Our visit had a main purpose--to get pictures of Danny from his graduation ceremony last month.  Fernando and I were up on stage, presenting our graduate to the audience, and proffering on him his high school diploma.  I handed my fancy Ellie to someone who had never shot more than a point-and-shoot, and told him to just "aim and press the button."  Oh, well.  It was a funny moment with the audience, anyway!

But my baby brother was there to take pictures for me, and he has a Canon 50D (a step above my Ellie!).  He took lots of shots, and graciously let me have the RAW files to work on.  I edited several shots to share with you today.  I'm so happy to have pictures of this important moment in Danny's life!

In case you're curious, the second photo to the left is my brother, Jeff (December 2009).  Doesn't Danny look like him?  Good looks run in the family.  *wink*

For a long time, we thought Danny might be interested in architecture, which is the path his uncle traveled.  Though he loved--and still loves--to design rooms and create house plans on the computer, his bent runs very differently.  He became interested in science late in his high school years, and became fascinated with bones and muscles, and how our amazing Creator put our bodies together.

Danny has a deep desire to bring healing to people's bodies, and is determined to take a course of study directing him toward orthopedics, specifically the surgery side of things.  He plans to attend our local community college to obtain his A.S. degree, then head on over to a state university (he hopes UIC in Chicago) to get his B.S. in biochemistry.  Then it's more school, internship, and residency!  Whew!  We'll see how the Lord leads Danny as he travels down this particular road laid out before him.  Whatever he ends up doing, we know that the Lord is guiding him, and His Word is Danny's sure foundation.

~~ All images were taken by and compliments of Jeff Jackson. ~~

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