The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Lake -- Day One

July 19.

We arrived super late the night before (such a late start that morning!), so we all slept in a little and ended up enjoying a lazy Sunday at Lake Bonaparte--meaning, sitting on the dock swishing our feet in the water, a boat ride around the lake, reading in a beach chair, and simply breathing in the warm Adirondack air and relaxing.

Fernando and I drove up with Joseph, and Jake was able to get a week off work.  Jake's girlfriend Allie came with us, too!

Jake and Allie relaxed on the dock.

View from the dock--with a telephoto lens, of course!

On our afternoon pontoon boat ride around the lake, we sat back and enjoyed seeing the familiar sights, plus some new ones--new houses being built, or new docks put in.  Boating along at a slow pace is the way to go!  At one point, Joseph quietly piped up, "Bird."  No one paid attention, so he said it just a little bit more loudly, "Bird."  We looked around, and saw a loon.  Closer than one has ever been to the boat.  That was no mere bird!  I was able to take a few pictures; these are the best I've ever taken!

Look at its red eye!

Sisters Islands.

Here's what greeted us when we arrived back at the dock.  What a way to relax on a Sunday afternoon!

It was a hot day, so we ended up swimming off the end of the dock to cool off; it felt great.

Jake and Allie on Jackson Rock.

My nightly lake ritual of watching the sunset commenced with a beauty that would be one of the prettiest of the week.

Beautiful end to a warm, relaxing day.

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