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Friday, July 31, 2015

Mid July in My Garden

July 17.

Before we left on vacation, I needed to check on things in the garden.  My green bean plants were producing, so I knew I had to pick before we left.  Danny and Thomas were staying behind, so I knew they'd be able to do it for the week I was missing.

Perfect for picking!!

This was the second time this week I had picked, and I got a huge bowl full.  I would take these to New York with us.

It has been a really slow year for my tomatoes, for some reason.  I found a few with blossom end rot, but otherwise they're looking great--except for not ripening.  The cooler weather is probably a factor, so hopefully the tomatoes will hold off until I get back.  The guys had instructions to pick any red ones--or yellow in the case of the Summer Peach variety in the below image--while I was gone.

Summer Peach--these will soon be yellow!

My heirloom tomatoes (Paul Robeson and Black Brandywine) were big but green.

More Summer Peach tomatoes.

My carrots--er, at least the tops--are growing nicely, so maybe I'll have some decent orange yumminess this year!

Finally, my Alpine strawberry plants seemed to like their home here in the garden bed next to the rhubarb, and a few garlic cloves that sprang up from last year.

Everything looks good, even though there hasn't been a huge harvest.  I figured I was safe going on vacation for a week!

Back to life,

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