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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's the Pits

I love avocados!

I usually slice around the skin of the avocado, twist it apart, then use my Pampered Chef avocado tool to gently dig out the pit.  The tool is also good for gently slicing the avocado while it's in its skin, and its slight curve is helpful in scooping out the good stuff.  But, in the end, it's an avocado tool and I haven't found any other uses for it.  And now I no longer need it.  My life is changed forever.  (Seriously, friends--why does anyone say that??  My life was changed forever when I surrendered it to Jesus Christ.  But I'm exercising a little sarcasm here, in honor of all those who share kitchen tips and "hacks" that.change our lives forever.)

Nonetheless (love using that word), I'm super excited to have learned this little trick, and even more excited to share it with you.  Although, you probably already know how to do this.  I'm always the last to know.

I excitedly shared this trick with my friend Becki a few days ago.  Turns out she's been doing this for forever, and even has funny stories about the pit falling onto the floor and rolling away.  I thought it was a new, amazing trick--am I the only one who didn't know how to remove an avocado pit??

I'm a picture gal, so I took a few to share.  Once you slice around the avocado and twist it open, you have to remove the pit.  Hold the pitted avocado half in one hand, then take your chef's knife with your other hand and whack it (not too hard, now) into the pit. 

I had to set the avocado down with the knife still in the pit so I could take a picture...

Twist gently, and the pit comes right out!

VoilĂ !  Beautiful, non-mangled avocado halves.  And one less (silly) kitchen tool for me.

Back to life,

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