The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Indpendence Day

Independence Day was beautiful and bright, sunny and not too hot (some years it has hit 100 degrees!).  Our family decided to go to our church's Independence Day celebration at the S. family's home, then on to see the Naperville fireworks.  This year, I wanted to make sure I got pictures of my own guys, then put the camera away to relax with my friends.  I spent a bit of time at the volleyball net, where Thomas, Joseph, and Fernando were playing.  (Jake spent the weekend with Allie and her family.)

Thomas sets the ball.

Thomas watches his dad bump.

Joseph watches his dad return the ball over the net.

Thomas is a pretty good jumper!

I caught the below shot of Danny with his friends--I can't think of a good caption, though!

Then it was on to the Naperville fireworks.  The Y. family went out really early to spread their blankets right across the street from where the city sets the fireworks off, so we all had an excellent view.  I walked the mile from the parking lot to the blankets in my flipflops, not thinking much about it until--I realized that the tripod mount for my camera was on the other camera.  And the other camera was in the car

Danny fast-walked with me all the way back to the car; he beat me there and unscrewed the tripod mount, then brought it to me as I was entering the parking lot--not quite a second mile.  Then we hightailed it back to the blankets--mile number three--where I decided to sit on the curb of the street so I could set up with a clear view.  Two very nice ladies allowed me to take up the bit of curb I needed to sit and shoot. 

The show started just as I was getting my camera situated, so I missed the first several fireworks.  But--praise the Lord--I was good to go after that, and got several great and interesting images.  I'm sharing just a few here, because I'm featuring them over on my website.

I kept the below image because even though  it was overexposed, it illuminated the action on the ground--the trucks, the flame, the smoke.

The finale!

Once the show was over, I could barely move my legs to walk the last mile back to the car.  That made four miles of exercise, in flipflops (at least they were the really nice arch-support ones!), on a holiday.  I thought there was a rule about not exercising on holidays, but relaxing and taking it easy.  Oh, well.  :)

Back to life,

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