The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Lake -- Day Two

Monday, July 20.

What better way to wake up on a Monday morning than to sit on the dock with a mug of tea!

The High Rocks (Palisades) rose up from the water in the distance across our bay.

Mom and I drove into Croghan to Eddie's Meat Market to get our meat for the week, so everyone else stayed behind, relaxed, then headed over to Winter Bay for an afternoon of swimming and Frisbee.  When Mom and I returned, Dad took us over to the bay in the Caddy--what a bumpy, spray-filled ride!!

When we pulled up, everyone was in the water enjoying themselves.  We beached the boat and joined them.

Joe looks for treasures from weekend bay-goers.

Jake and Allie swam toward deeper waters.

Of course, a Frisbee was brought out--because, Frisbee!

When it was time to leave, Dad took Jake and Allie back in the Caddy, so Allie could have her first experience in the old boat.  The rest of us returned in cousin Al's pontoon boat.

Later that day, Allie's aunt and family came to visit!  They rented a boathouse down the road and spent Monday and Tuesday night at the lake, then left for home (Catskills of New York) on Wednesday morning.

Allie and cousin Jade.

Judy (her husband and one daughter couldn't come because of work) and family loved our little piece of heaven, and the kids had lots of fun hanging out together.

Suppertime was crazy, but Fernando did all the grilling, Judy brought a salad and snapped green beans, Mom made a corn souffle, and we all ate heartily.

After-dinner games on the front porch.

Judy kindly helped my mom finish cleaning up after dinner so I could go down to the dock for sunset.  I'm so glad I was able to set up in time to see a beautiful sunset.

As the night goes on, minute by minute, each sunset changes, even when there are no clouds.  This evening's ritual was as beautiful as the previous night!

After the sunset, I carried my camera and tripod up to the house, where everyone was making s'mores (Judy and kids had retired for the night).  Yum!

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