The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Monday, March 7, 2011

Travelling to Spring

I'm back, and starting to get back into the swing of all things blog.  I'm still editing photos, and otherwise wandering around the house wondering what day it is and what exactly I'm supposed to be doing.  You see, I contracted a case--a serious case--of spring fever last week, and it has been hard to shake!

I'd like to publish just one post about my trip into warm weather, but after editing 800+ images, I'm not sure that will happen.  :)  I will post just the basic ones, though, so as not to bore you.  The really amazing captures will be posted over on my photography blog, for show-off purposes.  So let's get on the plane and begin.

My heart-sister Dee and her husband picked us up from the airport and we hit the ground running.  We had to stop to see their son Jay at work at Chick-Fil-A.  I don't even know if I spelled that correctly, but given their misspelled advertisements, I'm sure they won't mind.

Part of our kitchen tour!

Then it was off to Miss S's speech and debate tournament.  She presented two speeches and did a great job.  Before Miss S began, one of the judges turned to me and whispered, "Are you the mom?"  I replied, "No, I'm the auntie."  :)

Miss Jo made these amazing biscotti for the Mother/Daughter Encouragement weekend.  I took a ton of pictures, but here is the yummiest one.  :)

Then it was off to shoot the Mother/Daughter Encouragement event!  I didn't see Danny for a full day, but Jay, Danny, and the guys showed up on Saturday to work as volunteers.

Event photos to come at a later date.  Dee took me on some crazy golf cart rides (aka, nature photo shoots, or something along that idea).  Golf cart paths are woven around and through the entire city, through pine forests and shopping malls.  It's pretty crazy, but tons of fun.  Here is one of the golf cart tunnels.

See?  It really is a golf cart community.  This path runs through the park, and it was a 78-degree day.

So for this photo shoot ride, every now and then I would gasp, or holler, "Stop!"  Dee would brake, I would hop out (or change lenses then hop out), and snap a bunch of images of whatever caught my eye.  What a dear, dear friend to indulge me in this way!  Anything with color obviously caught my eye--neither of us knew what this flower was, except yellow--a simply lovely color after winter.

One possible downfall with electric golf carts is that they run out of "juice."  This happened to us on Sunday as Miss Dee's husband drove us around.  We were fairly close to their home, though, so it made a nice walk.  And I didn't have to holler, "Stop!" to anyone.

Below is the lake (pond?) at the end of their street.

They explained to me that it is rarely breezy, so Mr. B was enjoying the wind as we finished our walk home.

A day at Dee's home wouldn't be complete without a game of Scrabble.  The words below describe it all.

Looking through my images, I see that I have much more to post.  I wanted to put a few up here just to let you all know that I am actually back.  Now, I have to get to work--laundry, dishes, meals, convention planning stuff, etc.  The list grew while I was gone!

Back to life,

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