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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adventures in Springtime Georgia Part II

I think I made it halfway through Danny's and my trip to Georgia a few posts ago (click here to read "Part I").  I thought I'd try to finish up our adventures with another post.  So here we go, back to Georgia for reminiscing about wonderful friends and warm weather!

Danny and I were supposed to fly home Monday night, but a tornado watch and severe weather took care of that for us.  We had one whole extra day in Georgia!  Though it made the rest of the week slightly off-kilter, I think both of us were happy.

Extra time in Georgia means more fun, and more tea, and more Scrabble, and more trips on the golf cart.  We fit it all in.  I made tea for myself Monday night, and since I couldn't reach the mugs, I asked Danny to get "that green tea mug down for me, please."  He came in to the dining room and set the "mug" down in front of me:

After a good laugh, I happily drank my tea out of the creamer and continued with our cut-throat game of Scrabble.

Danny spent game-time regaling us with hymns!

I'm not a pet photographer, though I now have four pet albums, two of which were generated by this pair:

I like to experiment with my camera however possible, so Talbot and GK presented some good opportunities for practice.  Here are the results.

I love the light in the image below.

On our last day, my heart-sister Dee had one big golf-cart adventure left.  We went south.  South sounded good!  Below is a synopsis of our trip.

My heart-sister Dee!

What a great trip we had, on so many levels.  We will see them again really soon, too!  This makes me happy.  :)

Back to life,

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