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Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Trip to the City

Yesterday, we donned our coats, scarves, mittens, earmuffs and long johns for our jaunt into the city.  At the federal courthouse, Jacob conducted some research on criminal court cases.  Joseph and Danny came with me to Chipotle for lunch!  Serious yum, though I ate the whole Burrito Bowl instead of my normal half so we walked casually the rest of the afternoon.  :)

We walked to the Bean first so Danny and Joseph could see it (they hadn't been downtown in ages).  There are only so many images you can take of the Bean; here is the single one I took as a reflection.

At the urging of my friend Pamela, we revisited the Chicago Cultural Center.  The last time, Fernando and I made a quick run-through of the two galleries of Vivian Maier's street photography work, and then we left.  This time, we actually explored.  How could we have missed this??

Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center

This building used to be the Chicago Public Library.  I don't know how anyone could get any studying or book-finding done; I found myself walking with my face turned up toward the walls and ceilings.  My pictures in no way do any kind of justice to the grandeur of the tile work and domes in this building.  It was breathtaking.

Looking up at the Tiffany dome in Preston Bradley Hall

Danny wanted to see the Vivian Maier exhibit, so we made a quick visit to her gallery.

Vivian Maier's camera and equipment, Chicago Cultural Center

That was it; just a quick trip in.  We'll have to do it a time or two more, since Jacob needs to cover another court case or two.  At least I'm comfortable now driving in and getting around!

You can see all the images I captured of the Chicago Cultural Center here on my photography blog.

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