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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saving Money on Haircuts

July 23.

I do not like cutting hair.  I've done it for my guys, even Fernando, for 24+ years, and we've saved a lot of money, but I still don't like it. 

Now that a few of my guys have jobs, they pay me to cut their hair.  So, two haircuts done and $13 sits in my pocket.  I feel better.

How about some more money math to make me--and you--feel better about cutting your own kids' hair?

Let's go conservative, with only four haircuts a year.  Since I don't like cutting hair, as I've said, this number is actually probably pretty accurate.  :)  Let's also say their first haircuts were at the age of one, which is true.  Here we go...

Joseph is 25, so 24 years of haircuts = 96 haircuts in his lifetime.
Jacob is 23, so 22 years of haircuts = 88 haircuts.
Danny is 21, so 20 years = 80 haircuts.
Thomas is 18, so 17 years = 68.

I've probably given Fernando haircuts half the time, and he goes and gets it cut the other half.  So two haircuts per year for him, for let's just say 15 years, is 30 haircuts.

Add that all up:  96 + 88 + 80 + 68 + 30 = 362 total haircuts.  At least.

Let's also be conservative in the cost of a haircut, given that little kids' cuts are less expensive.  We'll average it out at about $10 per cut to make the math easy.  I'm not the best at math.  That comes to $3,620 not spent at the hair salon.  But wait, we've bought two sets of very nice clippers (about $60 apiece), plus a cape ($10), plus clipper conditioner (about $6).  So let's subtract $136 from our total, and we get:

$3,516 in savings!

Not too bad.  Now I feel better about having given all those haircuts.  I guess my reward for all that unpleasant work is the knowledge that I saved us a bunch of dough.  :)

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