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Friday, November 26, 2010

FFG -- Our Day of Thanks Part I


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I'm so glad Lori asked us to share our Thanksgivings today!  I'm not so happy that I don't have the time to edit all the photos I took!  That's okay, though, 'cause I get to share Thanksgiving over several posts--yay!

Every year, we spend a day or two in food preparation, then on Thanksgiving Day, pack it all up in the back of our Suburban and make the short 20-minute drive to my parents' home.

My mom already had a few Christmas decorations set out!  She is so much better at it than I am.  Besides the tree, I put one or two things out, and hope it looks good.  :)

The aroma of turkey roasting in the oven fills the house as we all eagerly tromp on inside to greet Grandpa and Grandma.  Everyone shares hugs, and Thomas takes the initiative of giving me one, too--he's so silly but he doesn't realize I appreciate it!

Of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some football on TV.  My parents have a finished basement, which is nice since the guys turn on the TV down there, and the kitchen/family room area remains conducive for conversation and laughter.

Mom wanted me to take a picture of the turkey as it cooked.  It already looked yummy, but had a little longer to go.

Mom makes everything from scratch--and so do I.  I got her to show off her homemade applesauce, one of the guys' favorites.

Of course, having my camera meant I had to find some good photos!  I took advantage of the side light from the lamp to snag this image of Danny.  Nice!

Mom toasted me as we both worked to get all of the dishes ready.  There was a LOT of food.

Jacob spent the waiting-for-dinner time reading a book I had recommended.  He finished it by the day's end, of course.  Typical Jacob.

The turkey was done!

The table was filling up.

Time for the meal!  I forgot my tripod, so I'm (typically) not in the photo this year.  And I got just part of Jacob!

Of course dinner was filled with delicious food and lots of conversation and laughter.  My dad sure knows how to have fun!

And that's the end of Part I.  Now it's time to go do laundry, and to prepare for a trip to Wisconsin tomorrow!  (We're all excited about driving three hours to get a Christmas tree; how's that for weird?!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  "See" you soon!!

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captured by Christine Anne