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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Search for a Tree

November 29.

This year, I was determined to get a tree.  I knew it would be about $60 or so, but since we didn't have a tree last year, I was more determined than ever.  It would be a splurge!

I had a coupon to The Growing Place for 10% off, and my brother Jeff thought it would be a great idea to go to this nursery with me, and share in the coupon and the fun of getting a tree.  Mom decided she wanted a live tree this year, too, so she and Dad came with us.

I wanted a tree no taller than six feet, small enough that it would cost too much, plus hold all my lights and ornaments.  Our front living room space is not, well, spacious, so this size would be perfect!

An employee pulls out my tree to prepare it for the roof of our car.

Dad and Jeff sized up a large tree for Jeff's living room--which is small but he loves the biggest tree possible.

We helped Jeff pick out a monster!  Here's Dad holding it out for Jeff to inspect.

Dad doesn't seem to realize that 82-year-olds shouldn't be carrying Christmas trees to their cars.  :)

Jacob having a little fun getting the tree into the back of our car.

Back at our house, Jacob hauled the tree right out of the car and carried it into our living room.

Jacob and Joseph were standing there, holding the tree, and I asked, "So, where's the tree stand I asked you to pull out a week ago??"  The hunt was on!  Joseph stood there holding the tree for a while, until I helped him get it over to a wall so we could lean it.  It took us 20 minutes to find the tree stand, nice and organized on the garden shelf in the garage where I figured we'd totally remember, but it was hiding behind something else that got shoved up there...

I wanted one shot of the tree--and Thomas photobombed it.

After getting the tree in its stand, we picked up pizza--I "oops" ordered the ultra-huge sizes instead of the extra large ones--we drove over to Jeff's townhome to help him get his tree up.

After pizza, we relaxed for a bit, watched Dad and Jeff get the tree up, then relaxed some more before going home.

Again, Fernando was working, but we were getting used to it.  Work is good, and his weekends end up falling on Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday, so it's nice to spend weekdays with him.  We end up spending more time together than if it were really the weekend!

A few weeks later, I realized I hadn't taken a picture of our finished tree.  Here it is!

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