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Friday, December 5, 2014

First Time Voter!

November 4.

National Election!  And, this was Thomas' first time voting; he turned 18 this past May.  Of course I was going to document it, just like his three brothers.  I "snuck" my camera into the polling place; Illinois law doesn't have anything specific regarding taking pictures, but if the election judges want to ask me to stop, they can, and I must.  I was wearing my cape-like coat/jacket, so I simply pulled it over the camera and stood off, away from everyone (this was a school cafeteria, so a pretty large room).

There was a line, and since the touch-screen machine (also a handicap-accessible machine) was free, an election judge asked Thomas, who was next in line, if he'd like to use it.  He shrugged and said, "Sure!"  So it was his first experience on a couple different levels.

Scanning Thomas' ballot.

I snuck one of Jacob voting, too.  Right after that, one of the election judges came up to me and quietly told me that a roaming election judge was there inspecting everything.  He said he didn't want me to get in trouble.  I smiled, put the lens cap back on, and thanked him.  I had already gotten the pictures I wanted.

I'm so thankful our young men desire to take part in the democratic process of running our country.  They're keenly interested in the issues; Jacob spent hours researching the judges up for retention, writing recommendations based on his political leanings.  Although the election results were disappointing this year, we're glad we went out to vote.

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