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Friday, July 5, 2013

My Late May Garden, Step One

In mid-May, my garden looked like this and this.  I thought that herbs and garlic might be the only things I grew this year.  I had completely forgotten to purchase veggie plants from my friend Becki; my mind had been so very occupied with life events.

But one late May morning, Jacob accompanied me to The Growing Place, where I wandered among the vegetables remaining in their greenhouses, wondering what to purchase.  I finally decided on several items, with the help of Peggy, a knowledgeable TGP staff person who was very encouraging and helpful.  Jacob helped me get all the plants onto a rolling cart, into the car, and home.

Here's what I chose:

Falling-over vegetable plants await planting.

Purple onion sets.  I chose them because that's all there was.  They should've been planted in April, but I'm hoping for a late season anyway.

A smaller sweet pepper, thinner and longer, called Giant Marconi.

A few peppers were already growing on the plants.

I spied the butternut squash while I was contemplating purchasing zucchini--which I've never grown but how hard could it be?--and purchased one little pot, which had three plants in it.  If I get two or three squash out of it, it'll be a good deal.

With Fernando's generous garden budget, I splurged and got some really nice work gloves.  For some reason, my floral ones and pink ones disappeared.  I have a spot for them, and I have all guys.  I still wonder about it.

And never forget my Craftsman, the only brand I'll buy.  A trowel and a mini hoe tool are all I need to be happy working in my garden.

Before the planting began, we had to work in the organic compost, which my guys did for me.  Did I mention that this was their Mother's Day gift to me?  (Work in the garden!  Yippee!!)

I had to get in there and get my own hands dirty, of course, and here's what my gloves looked like at the end of the compost session:

The Overview

Then it was time to get up on the deck of the pool to get an overview shot.  Boy, look at all those weeds!  I know, I know, I'm all about the details.  But the great part--compost has been worked into the soil, around the herbs I previously planted, and it looks like things are ready to be planted!

Back to life,

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