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Monday, July 8, 2013

Indoor Chore: Organizing the Main Bathroom

We had the air conditioning on for a while, and during that time, I decided to organize the main bathroom.  This is the boys' bathroom at the top of our stairs.  Let me repeat that:  four guys use this bathroom.  And they're not very diligent in cleaning it.


First, I removed everything from the countertops, the back of the toilet, the vanity drawers, and from underneath the sink vanity.

I grabbed some containers I had used in my kitchen drawers before I built organizers for them.  Yes, some still had their original labels affixed!

The medicine cabinet didn't look too bad, but I emptied it and cleaned it out anyway.  May as well be thorough.

Several items ended up in our skinny little hall linen closet.

I used a Mason jar to contain the samples of dental floss we periodically receive from the dentist.

And, I used a Mason jar for all those little toothpaste samples from the dentist.

I grabbed another Mason jar for Joseph's special dental floss, which is the only thing he'll use (but he uses it!).

I found this little four-ounce Mason jar, which I used for the leftover Lubriderm lotion.  Meaning--the lotion that will no longer pump out of the bottle.  I simply used my kitchen shears to cut open the bottle, then scraped out all the lotion.  Another frugal tip for you!

I found a sticky hook which I used to hand a hand towel above the toilet.  It keeps falling down, but it'll work until I purchase a metal hook from the hardware store.

Above, the towel hangs, despite the clutter on the vanity top.

The medicine cabinet, all cleaned up and organized.

All clean and ready to have stuff put back.  Notice me in the shower stall with my camera and tripod?  *grin*


Below the sink:

The hallway linen closet:

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