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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Fernando was thrilled beyond words.  Actually, he was very verbose about his enthusiasm.  Because...

Thomas signed up to play football.

Yes, this was a big announcement in our home.  His friend Joe invited him to a few practices, and to the final spring practice where the team had some friendly competition.  This team is part of a large homeschool sports organization, and it is in their third or fourth year of existence.  They're still on the small side, but they've grown each year, with Thomas adding to their number this season.

While the guys were participating in their sprint competition, Fernando grabbed a jump rope to see if he could still do it.

Yep--he could still do it.  He sweated some, too.  Yuck.

We went down to the practice field to watch the guys run their two-mile distance.

Thomas worked hard, but I think he was just beginning to realize how much physical work he'd have to do over the summer to be an asset to the team.

Team meeting after the run.

So, now I'm a football mom!  I'm rather excited, except for carting Thomas (and the carpool guys) to and from practice over an hour away.  :/

And, I can't wait until the games!  It'll be a lot of fun capturing the action with Ellie, and enjoying being a sports mom for a season.

Go Crusaders!

Back to life,

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