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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Egg Science

A homeschooling post?

Yes, a homeschooling post.  I don't blog much about homeschooling, and I know I've said that before.  I'm sure parents of public-school children don't blog about their kids' schools, either.  So we're even.

I usually take pictures of the boys' science experiments, and these pictures end up being the only photographic proof that we've completed any sort of schooling at all through the years!  Although, I'll say that the academic fruit of homeschooling--Jacob is in the JJC Honor Society, and Danny is headed there with straight A's this semester--should be proof enough.

Anyway, this was a fun experiment.  Thomas took a regular egg and soaked it in white vinegar. 

Then he pulled it out and rinsed it off.  He had to be careful, since the vinegar dissolved the shell.  The egg was still raw; the outer shell was simply gone.

He measured out the corn syrup...

...and poured it over the shell-less egg.

Then, he soaked the egg in distilled water.  Each of these steps took 24 hours.  At the end, he removed the egg from the distilled water and showed it off.

It was much larger than the regular-sized egg it started out as.  It almost looked like it was glowing!

Then, the egg broke on the counter--Danny's fault.  He cleaned it up, though.

The white was mostly water, and all that was left was the yolk.  Thomas said nothing was wrong with it and that we could eat it.  I replied that it had been sitting out for three days.  Plus, it was a store-bought egg, not one from our local farmer.  'Nuff said.  :)

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