The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes It's the Little Things

Last week was pretty frustrating.  Though my laryngitis was all cleared up, my back had gone out and was super achy.  Plus, I had apparently pulled a leg/groin muscle, so I found myself limping around.  On top of all that, my week started out with dental work bright and early Monday morning.  The dentist had numbed the left side of my mouth/jaw/lips, and it took several hours for the numbness to wear off.  It then took several days before my jaw stopped aching and I felt like chewing again.  I think my men were tired of soft food for dinner all week.  :)

Danny had also just gotten his driver's license, so I no longer had to accompany him to school three days a week.  I had all my time at home again!  I was able to spend time with Joe and Thomas, able to do laundry, and bake bread, and blog, and just be in my home base again!  But, although I was home, I was terribly limited.

I decided to at least take pictures of things I needed to do throughout the week, and then do them--even if they were piddly things, they still needed doing.

First, Fernando had asked me to fix a rip in his shirt.  He had said it was along the seam, so I thought it would be quick and easy.  Well, it had ripped along the seam but also into both sides of the seam.  I got creative with the needle and thread, and thanked the Lord that it was near the armpit so no one would see it!  (It was a brand-new shirt, too.)

I also cleaned off my project desk, which had gotten piled up with, well, stuff.  Our master bedroom is the "black hole" of the house, collecting stuff that has nowhere to go.  No before picture, but the after shot makes me feel good.

I also cleaned off our dresser, which also tends to get piled up with stuff.

One day, I decided to tackle the laundry.  I don't usually let it mound up, but it had gotten bad last week!

My "daily docket" (below) really helps me prioritize my day.  It is where I write down a rough "sketch" of the day, hour by hour.  I list all the items I have to do.  My docket allows for ten to-do items--I never get them all done, but I list the top three items under MITs--Most Important Things--to make sure at least those three get done.  This also helps me see, day by day, that I'm accomplishing things!  (I created my daily docket based on Tsh Oxenreider's example in her book, Organized Simplicity.  Excellent book, by the way.)

The last thing I actually accomplished was the filing.  Yep, it stacks up in a pile on the bottom shelf of our bookcase, right on top of the books!  At some point when I'm tired of looking at it, I file it.  At least the stack was small this time.  Paperwork seems to be my nemesis.

The filing got done, as did the laundry and other items above.  Even though some of the to-do's were everyday chores, I was glad I had gone around and photographed things, even if it was just the "before" photos.  I feel better now.

Back to life,

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