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Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Cooks in the Kitchen

The Jackson family (my side, plus my own family) is made up of mostly guys.  I have to admit that we six added a bunch of guys to the mix, too!  Even though we're small--only 11 people total--there are eight guys in the bunch!  Here we are:

Dad + Mom


Matt(-Char) + (Fernando-)me + Jeff

Matt married Char, and she already had two daughters and several grandchildren.  I married Fernando, and we have four young men now.  Jeff is a bachelor.

So there you have it.  Mom and Char and I are all very different, but we love to cook!  Char says that Mom and I are the bakers (desserts, cakes, pies, etc.), but she is definitely a whiz in the kitchen.  When you get us all together for a family gathering, and add food into the mix, you get a smorgasbord of delectable comestibles.  :)

Recently, we had Jackson Family Night with "breakfast at dinner" as the food theme.  Here's what we came up with:

Jeff's sausage/egg bake

Yeah, Jeff can cook, too.  Well, he makes chili and the above dish, anyway.  (What can we expect from a bachelor??)  Both of his "signature dishes" are excellent.

I never got a picture of my mom's ham and egg bake; it was gone before I thought to pull out the camera!  She is an awesome cook.  (She's Italian, what can I say?)

I made the below--Apple French Toast Breakfast Crunch.  I modified a recipe by blogger Antoinette, whose blog I've lost and can't find any more.  :(

Then, I think Char hit a grand slam with her Waffles with Maple Brown Butter and Pecans.  Just typing that made me gain a few pounds.  :)

Seriously yummy.  I love breakfast at dinner, and this meal was tops.

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