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Monday, January 13, 2014

Simple Christmas ~ More Decorating Ideas

After making tabletop trees for my fireplace mantel, I was officially in decorating mode.  Here are a few things I did to Christmas-ify my home.

I placed the tabletop trees on our mantel, along with a serving dish filled with three pillar candles.

Yep, only one pillar candle is lit in the below image.  I was burning them so they'd be three different heights.  I think I was on an asymmetrical decorating kick at that point.

Then I heard or read about how places like Home Depot just give away the Christmas tree trimmings they trim off the trees that they sell.  I decided to check it out, and our Home Depot sales guys told me to take the whole box--which I didn't do, since the box was about five feet cubed!!

I did take a large box of trimmings, mostly Frasier fir because they're soft to the touch and smell oh so good.  Some trimmings went along the back of my mantel, above.

I found these IKEA candles in my box of candles.  They were bought probably at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar.  The blue decorative Styrofoam balls from my tree decorations ended up in a large vase, also on my mantel.

I have two strips of plastic garland that I hang in my foyer.  The 3M hooks were still hanging from the previous year, so I didn't have to buy more Command® adhesive.  Yay!  I have pretty wire garland that I wrap around the stairwell.

I thought about filling the trifle bowl, below, with tree ornaments, but my ornaments are all too big to fit prettily inside, so I ditched that idea.

Then I found one last IKEA pillar candle!  Into the bowl it went.

The white Styrofoam balls from my decorative trees filled around the candle.

More pine boughs made their way over the clock in my living room.  I didn't like it initially...

...but then I used twisters to attach some more branches so the boughs would hang further down, and it worked!

That's about it for decorating.  Just a little here and there, enough to feel a little festive.  One doesn't need all the decorations to celebrate the birth of the Savior!  It was enough, and I was happy.

Back to life,

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