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Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Penny's Worth ~ Making Lime Cubes

A dear friend, Helen, gave us some "going" produce--all organic!  I was thrilled with this gift, and used the fresh stuff right away.  I made sauteed kale with mushrooms and tomatoes, with scrambled eggs, for breakfast two mornings in a row.  Mmm!

In the produce bag I found a few lemons and several limes.  One of the lemons ended up as slices in the water I drink throughout each day.

After a few days of forgetting about the bag of citrus in my fridge, then spotting it again, I immediately grabbed my Bosch Universal blender, attached the juicer attachment, and juiced all the limes and one lemon that was left.

After juicing them, I poured them into an ice cube tray.  Each cube is one tablespoon--I measured.

I left all the pulp in, and this little batch made six cubes.

I put the tray in the freezer, and after a few days I simply popped the cubes out, sealed them individually with Glad Press-N-Seal®, marked "Lime Cubes 1 T each" (yeah, a lemon was mixed in, too), then placed them into a quart-size freezer bag.

Now when I need fresh lime juice, I can simply take a cube out and let it thaw!  Easy-peasy.  I tend to use these in fresh salsas, , guacamole, and bean "caviar" recipes (like salsa with beans in it).  It's so nice to be able to use these food items that would otherwise have been thrown away!  Thank You, Lord, for Your provision, even for six lime cubes!

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