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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Decorating for Valentine's Day

Yes, you read the blog post title correctly.  I decorated.

It was just one little thing, really.  I'd actually like to change the fireplace mantel every month or so, or every season at least.  Or maybe when I feel like it.  No--that would mean hardly ever.  Okay, at least every season.

But when I saw my 3M hooks still up in my foyer, without Christmas garland hanging, I figured I'd decorate them somehow instead of letting them sit bare until next Christmas.  Here's what I did:

To make this heart "garland," I first found a template for a heart shape in different sizes.  I printed it out on printer paper, then carefully cut the hearts out so I'd have a stencil of sorts.  It was flimsy, but I used a pencil and traced the shapes very lightly onto scrapbook paper (the back side), then cut them out.

I cut out three different sizes, doubling the amount I thought I'd need since I'll need two hearts for each spot on my "garland."

I used a variety of blue and brown patterned and solid scrapbook paper.

Any kind of string or twine will work; I bought some with a coupon for a few dollars at Hobby Lobby.  I measured what I'd need for length, then cut the string with extra at each end for tying.  I tied slipknots in the ends of each strand of string, then hung the strands along my hooks in the foyer.

Don't worry; you can always untie a strand and re-tie it if it's too long, or if the weight of the paper hearts pulls it down lower.  I ended up doing it, too, plus I realized that the one doorway opening on the dining room side is actually longer than the living room side.  :/

Choose two hearts to go together (of the same size, and lightly squeeze glue around one.  Place the gluey heart right over the string where you want it to hang, and press the other heart onto the other side of the string, evenly heart to heart.  :)

Hold the hearts together for just a minute until they stay, then move on to the next set.

The view into the foyer from the dining room.  Ignore the fact we have no molding around the door!

Looking into the front living room.

Standing in the living room, looking toward the foyer.

It's just a little something, but I enjoy having them hang.  Next year, I hope to put these along my fireplace mantel as a family room centerpiece.  If I keep up this "decorating" trend, I'll have to start just one box for non-Christmas decorations.  Just one--because I can't abide clutter and stuff.  :)

Back to life,

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