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Monday, July 9, 2012

Baptizing Them

June 24.  The half of my guys who went camping/canoeing were home, and we all went to church.  Afterward, we drove up to another church which lets us use their facilities for baptism services.  This particular baptism service was special, because Danny was baptized.

Pamela and her daughter Aelsa play for prelude.

Court and his son come to see Jonathan (his nephew) be baptized.

Pastor Fraley

Danny shares his testimony

In case you would like to read it, here is Danny's testimony:

“I don’t want to be a Christian,” 5-year-old-me said one evening in the front room.  My family and I had just come home from the funeral for the pastor of our church.

My mom came over and calmly asked why.

I explained, “Pastor Bob was a Christian and he died, and I don’t want to die!”

My mom proceeded to tell me that our pastor had become a Christian long before he died and that he was now in heaven. She then explained to me what it means to be a Christian: To believe Christ died to save me from my sin and to put my trust in Him. My five-year-old mind made up, I decided that I did want to be a Christian. With that, my mom prayed for me and I asked Jesus to be my Savior.

Having only been five, I can’t remember all of the details. But had my life really changed? Outwardly, I didn’t change much. I had sinned in the past and I continued sinning even after these events had occurred. As much as I had tried to do what God commanded of me, I failed, time and time again.

As I’ve grown, I have come to realize that there is nothing I can do in my own power to stop sinning. I had already fallen six times. Dare I get up only to fall for the seventh time? But God then showed me that He has forgiven me and will continue to forgive me because He loves me. And He went so far as to sacrifice His Son, Jesus, in my stead to pay sin’s price. And because I have faith in Him, He has been helping me to walk in new life in Christ Jesus.

I want to be baptized today because I want to follow God and to publicly declare my faith in Him.

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