The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tea Talk -- Tranquil and Quiet

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Totally just for fun--the driver of this vehicle stopped at our garage sale a few weeks ago!

I'm currant rooibos, bought at our farmers market from the Spice Merchant and Tea Room, in my Gibson china teacup.  Alas, I broke my Portmeirion china mug from our Vero Beach trip, so it is no more.  Why do we get emotionally attached to things?  [Well, it's gone, and enough of that, now, Christine.]

I'm feeling...better and rested after suffering stomach distress of some sort late through the night Monday, then on Tuesday.  I did have a wonderful time with Fernando on Monday; he took me out to eat for our 24th anniversary!  We had a great time together, lots of conversation as usual, and some really delicious food at Francesca's at the Promenade.  Maybe that tummy thing was something I ate, but everything was mmm, mmm, good!

On my getting some good walking shoes for winter.  I'm laughing that this is what is actually on my mind.  But I have two pairs of two-year-old shoes that make my feet hurt if I walk for any length of time.  Now that the weather has decided it was autumn, my feet have been cold.  Even with the cold, though, I haven't wanted to wear either socks or shoes!  I've been wearing ergonomic flip-flops outside, and after freezing at Danny's college Wednesday morning, I decided that good new shoes were more of a necessity than simply a desire.  Praise the Lord that our garage sale proceeds and budget money are enough to purchase a quality pair.  Soon I'll have happy feet!

I leave you with...I always try to share a passage of Scripture that has been meaningful to me recently.  Today, though, I'd like to first share a quote I read in a book I'm reading (in the photo above) called Organized Simplicity.  The quote begins the chapter regarding money being a tool, and goes like this:

There is no dignity quite so impressive,
and no independence so important,
as living within your means.

Calvin Coolidge

Though this quote speaks to finances, it also speaks to other areas of my life in which I'm "overspending:"  time, and accumulation of stuff.  Am I booking so much into my calendar that I have no time for family, friendships, or even rest?  Have I been accumulating so many things--whether physical stuff or worry/cares--that meaningful time with the Lord is crowded out with concern for other things, or taking care of/cleaning/maintaining my stuff?  These are questions I've been using to check the simplicity (or lack of) of our family's lifestyle.  Sure, we homeschool.  Sure, we're together a lot.  Sure, we've cultivated family and other relationships.  But recently, busy schedules and a realization of just how much stuff we have actually amassed has me questioning--can we simplify?  I think we can.  This book has helped so far.  :)

Now for the appropriate Scripture.  :)  This Scripture references prayer for all men, and those in authority, so that... that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life
in all godliness and dignity.
1 Timothy 2:2b NASB

That seems to fit with a life of simplicity, doesn't it?  I'm not only longing for it, I'm beginning to plan and work for it, too.  I'm getting excited about it.  :)

Detail of flower at my friend Patsy's home

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