The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Friday, September 16, 2011

Beauty in Autumn


"There is rhythm to being a farmgirl.
It is the rhythm of working hard when there is work to be done.
It is the rhythm of finding joy in the "doing" of the work.
It is also the rhythm of slowing down to enjoy each moment."
Rene Groom

I'm linking up with Lori's Friday Farm Girls @ Heart today.

Normally, I post my flower photos over on my photography blog, but today, I was musing on the beauty that I've seen this autumn season so far.  Even as the warmth of summer fades, veggies are harvested, and flowers begin to fade, I can find beauty in the Lord's creation.

I'm starting off at my home, below.  We have a pie-wedge yard, with the point in the back, so our very long front extends from the edge of white fence on the left all the way to the edge of the brown wood fence on the right.  There is lots of grass to mow!

Below shows one of my gardens, which the guys helped build.  I've shown it before, but it sure looks pretty this day as the sun nears its setting.

This is my new "dirt pile" garden, near the walkway to the front porch of the house.  Earlier this summer, I transplanted all these flowers from the above garden to this pile of dirt.  The Asiatic lilies have died back, but the Russian sage has bloomed in its pretty purple array.

Detail of Russian sage

I found a dianthus flower, as well as my variegated beard-tongue, still blooming in the first garden.

And in my back yard, I enjoyed spotting the fruit of my cherry tomato plant.  Most of my cherry tomatoes never made it into the house; I usually popped them into my mouth as I worked the garden.  (Shh--I didn't wash them first!)

Lori spotted this huge guy in her green peppers one afternoon.  I've never seen one bigger, and he kept turning around and looking at Lori, who was behind him!

I'm so thankful to the Lord that He gave us this season of warmth, with all of its color and beauty, for us to stop and savor up for the winter.  Just as I can my tomatoes and other vegetables, to "save up" for the long winter, I am trying to save up the warmth and beauty and color of summer to enjoy all winter long.

I'm also thankful that the Lord allowed me precious time to stop and linger over His creation.  Amid our hectic autumn schedule, He gave me peaceful moments.  Thank You, Lord, for slowing me down just a bit!

Back to life,

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