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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tackle-It--What if the Shirt DOESN'T Fit??

Last week's warm weather prompted me to pull out a few new blouses that I had recently bought at clearance prices for next summer.  When I bought them, I knew I'd have to tailor them a bit.  Again, my caveat:  I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS!  I have just figured things out on my own.  My figuring may be wrong, but it works.

Isn't the blouse above pretty?  I love the sleeve and its button closure.  Unfortunately, these types of sleeves do not fit around my arms, which just happen to be larger.  I personally think that clothing manufacturers do not realize that when they make a size large blouse, the arm opening in the sleeve should also be large.  (Yes, I wear a large.  I'm broader in the shoulders and, well, too blessed to wear a medium.)

As I searched for and tried on and discarded and searched some more for feminine blouses that I can wear during the warmer seasons, my mind's wheels were turning.  Could I somehow alter the armholes so they would work for my arms?  I unbuttoned one of the blouses' arm buttons, and the fit was comfortable.  Could I somehow make this opening larger?  Hmmm...

I purchased a few blouses, brought them home, and went to work on the first one.  I first removed the button from each of the sleeves.

I placed each side of the closure end to end, and sewed it closed.  That created about a half inch more of room.

Then I had to somehow cover up the fact that I sewed the closure shut.  I knew I'd have to sew one button over the button hole to make it look like it was closed with a button.  Well, how about using three buttons?  I sewed one button over the hole, a second one over the seam, and a third one an equal distance to the right of the second.

The sleeve pulls on my arm just a teeny bit when I reach my out straight out in front of me.  But it is not at all uncomfortable, and the solution was a good first try.  I have sewn only this blue blouse so far, with about three more to finish.  Hopefully I'll get this technique down and have four wonderful bargain blouses for this lovely warm weather so late in October!

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