The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tackle-It--Basement "Bomb Shelter"

Side note:  I'm still trying to figure out my new photography editing software; so far, I can say decisively that I do not like it.  It should not be so confusing to simply save a photo and upload it to my blog.  The only way I could figure out--at this point--was to publish them to Facebook (of all places), then import them to this blog.  If you see photos below, you'll know I was successful in at least that!  Except that now, these photos--which are not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, but are meant solely for this blog--are on Facebook for my friends to see!  Sigh.  That may very well be my next project...

For now, I will focus on what I accomplished this past week.

Last week, I had canned some green tomato salsa, jalapeƱos, and pepperoncinis.  But when I brought the jars to our basement "bomb shelter," as we call it tongue-in-cheek, I saw that there was absolutely no room for them.  Empty jars were set haphazardly on shelves, certain items had two different resting places on the shelves, and my one-time organization had faded to general disorder.

Time for a project!  Our storage shelf system is really just one individual shelf system, and my husband assured me that the shelves were rated to hold several hundred pounds.  I think my food weighs more than that, as each shelf has gradually bowed under the weight.  Fernando bought and cut some pieces of wood to shore up the shelves, and with a little modification--thanks for the help, Danny--this new "system" seemed to work on one shelf.

Danny and I worked together to empty one entire shelf, and he carefully placed the pieces of wood under the shelf.

We then undertook the fun task of organizing all the food I had canned!  I had not realized just how many jars I had canned and collected in just a few years!

I also organized the jars in boxes and box lids to keep similar food together and contained.  I thought it would be a little easier to tell things apart.  Maybe I need to label the boxes...

The shelf is bowed up, but it will settle down with the weight
Well, at least one plain box is labeled!  Apples.  Yum.  Speaking of which, there are even more apples waiting for me to process them!

Back to life,

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captured by Christine Anne