The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Friday, May 15, 2015

Simplify -- Homeschool Stuff


Our Goal

A simple and beautiful house
that the Lord can use as a peaceful haven
for my family and others.

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This is what 21 years of homeschooling looks like:

The above is really a fraction of what I had accumulated throughout those years of homeschooling.  I've given away or sold a lot along the way, as soon as my youngest no longer needed it.  The above picture represents the high school years, plus any other stuff I hadn't bothered to get rid of. up to this point

I took this picture yesterday, then organized everything into categories--math, science, history, etc.  Danny spent a long time organizing the science supplies into kits that could be sold with the various high school science curricula I had to sell.  Then, I priced everything and boxed it up, and Danny carried all the boxes to the Suburban. 

Danny finished final exams this week, and had today free, so he went with me to the curriculum resale event I had signed up for a few weeks earlier.  I was determined to come home with nothing, or very little, at the end of today.

At the end of the day, I'm happy to report that I came home with just two boxes of stuff.  In the first 20 minutes of the sale, I made almost $150!  This was way better than any garage sale.  By noon, most of the buyers had come and gone, and by 1pm, Danny and I started packing stuff up (the sale officially ended at 2pm).  I also brought about a box worth of books over to the "free" table by the entrance.  Danny and I helped box up all the free stuff up for the church (whose building hosted the resale event), which would hold their own garage sale a week later.

After I came home, I ran down to the basement for some reason or other--I forget what--and discovered...four more boxes of homeschool stuff that never made it up for the sale.  Ugh.  Now that is sitting in my living room, awaiting its fate.  Most of it is extra books and supplemental stuff, and I was able to sell a few curriculum packs I had made up, but still--the rest of this will be gone this summer, I've determined!

We'll plan a graduation party for Thomas this summer, and since he is graduated, Heritage Academy has officially closed its doors.  With most of its supplies gone, it seems a bit more real now--this chapter of my life is over.  Pretty soon (but not right now) I'll feel like celebrating.

What I am celebrating is the cleaner basement, and less stuff in my home!

Back to life,

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