The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Flood Plus One -- At the Bridge

Thursday, April 18

I had some errands to run, one of which was stopping at the bank.  The route I take has me going north through a major intersection, then turning left into the shopping area where the bank is located.  This particular afternoon, when I went north, I noticed the bridge at the bottom of the hill was still closed, and the river was flowing right over it.  We had crossed this same bridge Wednesday morning during the heaviest part of the rain, and right before they closed the road.

The last time the bridge was closed was September 14, 2008.  The reason I know this date is because September 14 is my birthday.  It was worse then, and the bridge was reconstructed a few years after that.  But rain can be a powerful thing--just ask Noah.  :)

After running my errands, I bundled up and went back out with my camera and my (repaired!) 17-85mm lens (like you wanted to know that detail).  I parked at Hobby Lobby, in the corner of the parking lot--you can see a few cars parked there in the image above all the way on the left.  Oh, you can also see the orange Hobby Lobby sign through the trees!

Access road into a prairie and forest area--none of this usually has water.

In case you were wondering why I bundled up, it was snowing!  Little balls, rather than flakes, swirled around on the wind, even though it was in the upper 30s.  So much for spring.  But I digress.

East side of the road.

Dry land (road) came to a point right in the middle of the road, and these birds--which we think are barn swallows--were hanging out there.

I stood right at the last point of dryness and took a picture looking north.

The car you've been catching sight of in these images has been stuck there since sometime during the rain.  It wasn't there when we drove through on Tuesday when we helped our friends.  And it wasn't there when I drove back to my friends and had to turn around because the road had been blocked off.  Which means--the driver went around the road blocks.  You can see the water streaming off the road to the left--literally, mini waterfalls!

Waterfalls off the road.

There are a couple of homes along the west side of the road, and the driveway to the one below was completely flooded.

Water was still flowing off the road and down his driveway.  You can't see the house from the street, and I wonder if the homeowner fared okay.

I captured one of those barn swallows, with their forked tails, in the image below.

I'm so glad the road is now open, and the water is receding.  It's amazing what not even a full day of rain can do.  God is indeed a mighty God!

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