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Monday, April 15, 2013

This DOES Compute!

After removing the train table from the basement and into the garage, we tackled the next project on our list.  We had talked about it for a while, but since we were on a roll moving stuff, we figured we'd go ahead and get it done.

A few days after the guys had come to visit and move the train table, they were back for another afternoon of guy time together.  I walked into the room and casually asked them if they'd like to do another project for me.  I asked with a smile.  And they agreed, without even knowing what I was about to ask them.

Yep--it was more moving of heavy items.  Except this involved electronics, as in--the family computer.  The very old family computer.

First, they removed all the books from the adjoining bookcase.  Then, under Danny's direction, the got the computer equipment and all the other stuff in the desk taken down.  It really was a mess!

Doesn't life seem like this photo below?  I know sometimes mine seems like a tangled mess.  But the Lord is ever faithful, and when I leave it in His hands, He guides me every step of the way.

I think this was the point my regular lens quit working again, so this is the best shot I could get.  Well, Danny thought he was in the way, so hid himself from the camera.

Here's a better shot of the corner where the computer desk would eventually stay.

Danny spent a lot of time getting the comptuer up and running, while I got the books back into the bookshelf, and the stuff back onto the shelves of the desk.

There's still mess on the floor in the above image.  But not in real life!  Everything has been picked up and put in its place, and the front living room is now a spacious study.  The family room, where the computer desk used to be, is now a spacious room, with the seating arranged to facilitate conversation and family time.  I really like the set-up, and I'll take pictures of that room soon.

Back to life,

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