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Friday, April 12, 2013

Choo Choo and Out It Goes!

A few years ago, I cleaned out and organized a large chunk of our basement.  Part of that project included dealing with the train table.  We decided to tip it on its side so we could maneuver around our space.  This is where the train table ended up:

The rest of the area in the above image got cleared out, and we had a clean space once again for our "bomb shelter."  We placed buckets of grains--rice, beans, wheat--behind the massive table, along the wall.  However, it was difficult to maneuver behind that table to get to the buckets to get the food items we needed.  We left it that way for many months, until...

Jacob was home from college on his spring break, and Fernando determined that it was indeed time to move the train table out of the basement and into the garage, so that it would be accessible to be further removed.  Y'know, as in--gotten rid of.

We asked buddies of Jacob to come by, we'd feed them pizza, and they could spend about 20 minutes helping get the massive piece up from the basement.  They agreed.  (They'll do most anything for food.)

Because it was built in the basement, the table was tricky to get up the stairs and down the hallway.  But our guys are pretty innovative, and they figured it out without nicking a single wall.

Um, yeah, that's Thomas tromping through the March snow.  Goofy.

Picture of the cleaned-out "bomb shelter" to come soon.  :)

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