The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Ketchup Post

I deliberately misspelled that so you'd read this.  It's really a catch-up post.  Got ya.  ;)

I've taken a (forced) break from blogging this past month--who says that the older you get, the more time you have to relax??  Not anyone I know.  I've been swamped with trying to live life while guys swirl around me with college and homeschooling.  Add in a huge photography project (and I haven't even posted about that yet!) and a homeschooling convention, and I'm thoroughly maxed out on time.

So, let's get on with it, mostly in pictures.  I really could type all day, but I've carved out 30 minutes this afternoon and want to feel accomplished that I got a post up, finally.

Late April Life

I had Thomas in the kitchen one afternoon putting a meatloaf together, then chopping potatoes to roast them.  He really loved the chopping part.

He really got into the chopping part.

I figured since he was in a chopping mood, I'd give him another chopping assignment.  But wait--I went outside to check out my neglected vegetable garden and took a few pictures.  (Told you this post would be random.)  I noticed the rhubarb finally coming up.

Most of the strawberry plants survived the winter.

I just can't kill the garlic--praise the Lord!

Okay, back to Thomas and chopping.  Here is my little front porch garden.  I love this garden; it's just starting to come out of hibernation, so it looks a little bare.

Notice the wishing well in the middle?  It's missing a chunk of roof.  I figured it finally had to go.  As in, get torn up and maybe replace it with something else.  Wait a minute--I don't have any extra money.  So--get torn up and let the garden grow up around it.  Yeah, that's a good solution.

Since Thomas' main career goal at this point in his teenage life is to blow things up, I figured he might not mind tearing something up.  The job was his.  Here's the photo documentary.

Sharpening the blade.

Chopping again.

Joseph helped Thomas clean up all the pieces.

Thomas really had fun doing a chore!  Too bad most of his chores don't involve destroying things. 

As I write this post a month late, I can say that my garden has indeed grown up and looks good even without the wishing well.  I'm really happy about that, and I'll show you more photos once I'm caught up, which I'm really good at doing if I could just find some time.

Talk to you soon!

Back to life,

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