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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Tale of Three Trees

Have you read A Tale of Three Trees, the children's book?  Well, this post is not about  It is a story of our quest with Lori's family to find a tree.  Really, three trees.  Lori and her guys found one for them.  We found one for us.  Then, we found one for my brother.  So--this is the tale of three trees, told mostly in pictures.

What's a tree farm without a reindeer??

Thomas searches for the trees that are taller than he...

I think this is the one!

We marked one tree we liked, in order to find it again if we decided to choose it!

Once we had three trees chosen and cut down, we posed for a group shot.  (The last time we did that, we were in warm, sunny Florida!)

Shaking the tree on the tree-shaking-thingy

Such strong, manly men!

 Such goofy men!

Follow the car with the tree on top--that's Lori and her family.

We got to stop at the Mouse House again this year!!  Here are our young men, looking manly again, at the Mouse House.  :)

You'll get to see the tree, all decked out, in a post to be posted soon.  :)

Back to life,

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