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Friday, January 28, 2011

FFG -- Birthday Time


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Farm Girls love birthday parties!  I have planned some pretty big birthday parties in the past, but I love the small ones, too.  Once our little guys grew up, the bigger ones with lots of friends, games, and gifts faded away, and quieter, more intimate gatherings took their place.  And this momma thinks that is just fine.

Jacob at Christmastime

We had wanted our whole family (just five others besides our gang) to gather at our house last night for Jacob's 20th birthday.  But a snowstorm and a late day of work prevented the uncles and aunt (just one!) from coming.  Grandpa and Grandma, in true Midwestern style, braved the snow--the roads were all clear by evening--and drove on down to our home for dinner. 

Earlier in the week, I had volunteered to make my homemade pizza, and Jacob chose dessert.  My mom and I tossed around ideas for a cake--she has made cakes for the boys for every birthday--and Jacob eventually decided on my Oreo Cookie Cake.  Well, major yum, but lots of work.  :)

chocolate cake layers cooling

My kitchen wheels turned in my head as I checked off my mental to-do list:  make sauce, buy topping ingredients and cheese for the pizza and cake ingredients...  Jacob The Sweetheart went out Wednesday evening and bought everything I needed!  When I looked through the fridge later, I found organic whipping cream, organic baby bella mushrooms, and everything I needed.  *melted in a puddle on the floor*  (Can you tell I'm an "acts of service" gal?)

I arose early Thursday morning, in time to give Jacob a birthday hug before he left for college classes.  He told me, "Mom, I know you're making two of the most labor-intensive items for dinner tonight..."

I answered, "Jacob, 20 years ago, I endured ten hours of labor, three of which were intense back labor, to bring you into this world.  Pizza and cake are a walk in the park for me."

six pizzas, hot and bubbly

I, toasty and warm, happily spent a busy day in the kitchen.  Enjoy the few images I took from the day; most are of the food!

Oreo Cookie Cake

Happy birthday to you...

A wise son makes a father glad...
Proverbs 10:1 nasb

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