The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea Talk -- Examine and Probe

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I'm having...a cup of tea with honey and half-n-half, in Fernando's Stone Mountain Park mug.

I'm feeling...pretty good.  My neck has had some pulled muscles for a while, but things are getting better.

On my mind...continues to be Jacob's internship issues at school.  He is handling things very well by himself, and he lets me know everything that is going on.  No matter how this turns out--whether or not he actually receives an internship--we know the Lord will be honored.  Also on my mind is losing my mind!  This week Joseph and I drove to an "expo" featuring community service organizations.  We pulled up to the recreation center where the expo was being held, and I glanced at the article again--the day was wrong.  Then I glanced again.  The expo is in February.  How could I have missed that??  Joseph was very patient; he hardly ever gets mad.  Then we enjoyed a nice ride home.  :)

I leave you with...a short passage of Scripture as our country is getting into gears with upcoming primary elections, and then the presidential elections this coming autumn.  We need, so very much, to return to the Lord!

Why should any living mortal, or any man,
Offer complaint in view of his sins?
Let us examine and probe our ways,
And let us return to the LORD.
We lift up our heart and hands
Toward God in heaven...
Lamentations 3:39-41 NASB
  • examine (2664)--search, ponder, ransack (there's an interesting connotation!)
  • probe (2713)--ascertain, examine, investigate, make a search, ponder, taste

The Lord had Jeremiah use these two words, not just one.  To me, both of these words lend emphasis to the importance of making sure our hearts are indeed turned toward the Lord in everything and in all areas.  It doesn't mean a quick check to see if something is there.  It is a thorough search!  I loved reading that one of the translations was ransack.  This word gives the connotation of tearing the place apart to find every little thing, such as a burglar ransacking a house to steal every single item of value.  This is what I am exhorted to do with my ways!  And taste--I've "sampled" a leftover dish in the fridge, just to make sure it's still edible.  I mean, it looks good.  But how does it taste?  This refers to a second examination of something that may, at first glance, appear to be okay.  Again, I need to apply this to my ways--my time, my money, my thoughts, my actions, my words...

Lord, is there anything--anything at all--that is hindering my relationship with You?  Help me to search, probe, and ponder, and expose those areas one by one.  Purify my heart to keep it turned toward You!

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