The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. ~ Psalm 16:6 nasb

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

June is for Baseball!

Friends of ours invited us to a White Sox game, and the week of the game arrived--and Fernando left.  I let my friend Cindy know that he wouldn't be home in time for the Friday night game, so I let Cindy know that.  And then--Fernando said there was a chance he'd be home.  Then--Cindy told me she'd given the ticket to her sons' friend.  Then--Cindy texted me to let her know, even last minute, because she could probably get another ticket.  She was serious!  I let her know Friday afternoon that Fernando was headed home, and she got a new ticket for him.  Woot!

The fastest way for us all to meet at the M. house was for Danny to drop me off, and for Fernando to drive the SAT truck straight there.  There he is pulling into their driveway.

After a nice, traffic-filled drive (ha!) down to Cellular Field, we relaxed for just a little bit then went to find our seats.

There is most of our crowd; my best friend T is on my left and I had a great chance to catch up with her (I haven't seen her pretty much since I started working in May!).  Most of the kids are in the foreground.

FIREWORKS!!  Once when a player hit a home run...

Crazy friends.

FIREWORKS!  A second time when the Sox won the game!

FIREWORKS!  A third time for a huge fireworks show after the game.

This was the best I could do with my camera, without a tripod.

It was pretty spectacular!

On the way down all the back-and-forth ramps, we spied the city lit up in the night.

Beautiful evening, fun friends--doesn't get much better than that!

Back to life,

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